That’s not popular to say, but it’s true. And that’s the opinion of our founder who designed for several fashion and private label brands. Unlike designer clothing which use better materials, (cottons, wools) and ornamentation, designer frames use the same basic materials and components as non-branded frames. And, in many cases, they’re designed by the licensee NOT the licensor.

For decades our industry has worshiped these designer brands which are manufactured and sold by your biggest competitors. You know who they are.

While you need to carry some designer frames (some consumers/patients demand them), the rest of your merchandise should be a combination of premium independent industry brands and your own PRIVATE LABEL brand which you can now purchase FACTORY-DIRECT through our factory and unique manufacturing system.

It’s time for independent ECPs to buy smarter, and that means buying 1/3 of their product FACTORY-DIRECT.

Today, big-box chains and on-line retailers, like Lens Crafters and Warby Parker, pay a fraction of the price that independent eye care professionals pay for the very same product. This puts you at a distinct disadvantage in today’s changing market dynamics. Your margins are lower and your practice brand is harmed.

We’re committed to the success of independent Eye Care Professionals like you. This is why we offer you this unique factory-direct, private branding program. Your success is our success. Your success is the strong future for independent eye care professionals.

Without the high minimum order quantities (MOQ) and long lead-times found in traditional private-branding programs, we have developed the first truly attainable Factory-Direct Private-Branding program for America’s independent ECPs. Finally the playing field can be leveled!

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Mark Graham

Founder and Chief Creative Officer

Mark is a 40 year veteran of the optical industry who grew up in a Bausch & Lomb family. Starting his career in outside frame sales, Mark went on to become Director of Global Product Development for Japan’s largest frame manufacturer. He founded YB Eyewear out of a passion for supporting a strong future for independent eye care professionals who face significant headwinds from a dynamic new marketplace.

“Independent Eye-care professionals are facing strong headwinds from the competition. I’m committed to leveling the playing field. through achievable, affordable private branding of their frames”

Jack McDougall, OD

Senior Partner

Dr. McDougall is a graduate of the Illinois College of Optometry and owned International Eyecare Centers, a 15 location retail eye care practice with one surgical center in the Midwest. He has operated LASIK surgery centers throughout the United States and had been involved in the development of several innovative industry technologies. Jack holds advisory board positions with numerous optical technology firms, has authored articles in several eye care industry publications and lectured at optical symposiums around the world.

“The Eye Care industry is facing disruptive changes from online competitors as well as the traditional big box retailers. Shouldn’t your next move be a disruptive one as well? Private branding is today’s disruptive solution.”

 Michelle Yee

Optometric Advisor

Michelle co-founded Lumen Optometric with her husband in 2017. She comes from a design and branding background and has over 10 years of experience in both the fashion and entertainment industry. She focuses on operations, marketing, and branding for Lumen and is the aesthetic voice of the practice. She meticulously chooses every frame that Lumen carries and enjoys obsessing over the details of the patient experience.
“Private label is what will help independent practices compete with online markets while still allowing us to offer superior quality products and provide great patient experience.”

Ed Paul, OD

Optometric Advisor

“For independents to compete in today’s environment we need to increase profit margin. As we reopen post COVID-19, patients are looking for better value without compromising style and quality. Your Brand Eyewear allows us to do just that. Patients today are less interested in brand name eyewear and more interested in style, quality and value. Warby Parker has proven this. Your Brand Eyewear allows independent eye care providers to compete on a more level playing field.”

Adam Palo, OD

Optometric Advisor

Dr. Palo obtained his Doctor of Optometry and Vision Science degree from the Pennsylvania College of Optometry at Salus University in 2011 graduating with clinical honors, after completing a Bachelors Degree in Biology and Human Nutrition at North Carolina State University in 2006. He owns a multi-location full scope optometric practice in Raleigh, NC.

“It’s time independent optometrists realize their potential and stop relying on old methods to grow a modern business.”

Julie Lam, OD

Optometric Advisor

Dr. Julie Lam earned her Doctor of Optometry degree from the Southern California College of Optometry in Fullerton, California. She opened her practice as a cold start in 2013 and dropped all vision care plans on the practice’s 5 year anniversary. She specializes in ocular disease, geriatrics and neurovisual medicine.
“Private label frames like Your Brand Eyewear allow independent practitioners to be truly independent & set themselves apart from the retail giants. It allows doctors to take control of their profit margins while promoting their own brand.” 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer any marketing support?2019-07-03T21:17:56+00:00

We can design your brand logo AND, we’re happy to create and send you a ready-to-print fashion poster file to promote your brand. We do not provide displays or printed material.

Remember – your traditional wholesale supplier provides POP, displays, printed catalogs and other promotional materials. You don’t see it, but those add a significant amount to the cost of your frames. The vast majority of these merchandising aids are never used by you or the wholesaler, but you’ve still paid for them.

Can you manufacturer copies of some of our best sellers so that we can private label them?2019-07-03T21:17:10+00:00

Yes we can, but we encourage our clients to avoid private labeling trendy styles as the costs for tooling will not allow us to sufficiently amortize it over large production runs. As with all successful private label frames, stick with the basics – styles that will remain commercially viable for many years to come. Think blue jeans and white shirts. The basics and we’re happy to produce it for you!

How do you recommend we price private label frames?2019-07-03T21:16:37+00:00

Typically ECPs price our frames based on the quality and cost of the frame.  With YB Eyewear, the price is much lower than what you are typically buying at this quality.  This opens the door to multiple avenues but we recommend you set an initial goal for your label.  Is your goal to be cutting edge and have your patients appreciate the fact that their eye doctor carries their own frame line?  Is it to compete with both online competition and big box stores?  Do you simply want to increase your profits?  The answer to these questions will determine what your label will fuel.  This is a discussion we will have together and we can help consult your through the process.

Can I order samples?2019-07-03T21:15:57+00:00

Yes, we can send samples. In fact, we’ll even brand them for you so that you can marvel at the quality of our frame as well as the quality of our branding. Seeing your brand name on frames is truly a game-changing moment.

We believe the shortest distance between two points is a straight line (factory-direct) which saves significant money in the distribution channel. We act on your behalf to process and keep track of your factory-direct orders. Think of us as your private label design, manufacturing, marketing and import agents. You’ve got better things to do – like examine eyes and run your practice!


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