This is how your
eye care practice can increase profits.

We provide factory-direct frames with YOUR OWN BRANDING, so you can compete, thrive and increase your patient capture rate.

What we do.


Compete with online retailers


Increase profits and capture rates


Luxury quality and design


No minimum order quantities & fast delivery


Listed in Frames Data


Why we do it.

“I firmly believe that if a practice doesn’t embrace some private label (1/3 of their inventory), in 5-10 years, they probably won’t be in business.“

- Mark

We’re not a wholesale frame supplier – we’re a frame factory that’s a cut above the rest in the private label industry. Our approach goes beyond the norm; we don’t put a “designer” name on a frame; we create a total branding experience for you with YOUR BRAND. With our luxury quality frames and your customized demo lenses and temple branding, we ensure every detail reflects your brand’s unique identity.

What you get.

Our commitment to no minimum order quantities per style, allows you to personalize your inventory to your needs and at price points that are 60-80% less than what you’re currently paying for someone else’s brand that everyone carries. It doesn’t stop there. We provide complimentary private branded and interchangeable counter-cards and social media images to further assist in your total private brand marketing experience, both in-office and online.

How we do it.

Our frames, which will be branded with your brand name, epitomize unparalleled quality with hand-inserted, riveted hinges ensuring durability and functionality. Adorned with exquisite front ornamentation, each detail exudes sophistication. Silver end-caps add a touch of elegance and the added protection against temple splaying, completing a frame designed for your brand that exceeds expectations in both style and craftsmanship.

How to start

1. Schedule a call

We’ll listen to your needs, and suggest the best branding options for your business.

2. Get a free sample

We’ll send you a complimentary sample for you to feel the incredible quality of the frames that will carry your brand name.

3. Watch your brand come to life

From designing your logo to delivering your frames, we’ll take over and help create your complete brand package.

4. Watch your profits grow

Boost your private label sales with targeted marketing and engaging promotions to enhance visibility and customer loyalty.

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