Still buying frames only from wholesalers?

Then you’re missing the most profitable opportunity available to today’s independent eye care professionals. Buy your frames with your own private branding without the hassles of large minimum order quantities and long lead times. Once we’ve completed the initial setup process, your frames will be shipped from our factory directly to you in ~30 business days!

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We Design Your Logo For Free

Don’t sweat not having a logo. Your Brand Eyewear has a skilled, professional graphic design team that will design the perfect logo to capture your brand’s theme and identity. They understand the space limitations of branding for a narrow optical temple. Your Brand Eyewear has your logo needs completely covered! Our designers create logos and packaging for many Fortune 500 companies and the best part is  . . .  its’ 100% FREE

We Own Our Factory

Your Brand Eyewear’s own factory produces the most fashionable frames, using the highest quality materials, such as Grade A acetate, European hinges and experienced, skilled craftsmen. We private brand our frames only for independent eye care professionals.

Our pricing is substantially lower (80% less) than traditional wholesale vendors. And — your PRIVATE BRANDED FRAMES cannot be found at the big-box retailers or on-line, as most other brands are.

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Profit Margins Matter

“It’s time independent optometrists realize their potential and stop relying on old methods to grow a modern business.”

Adam Palo, OD

Let’s face it, profit margins matter and buying only from wholesale frame companies drastically reduces yours. Making the move to private branding for your frames can increase those margins by 40% or more depending on how you price your private brand frames. And the best part is . . .  you control the pricing.

“It allows doctors to take control of their profit margins while promoting their own brand.”

Julie Lam, OD


Join the private label revolution. Our factory takes care of everything — logo design, style suggestions, backup inventory, importing and shipping. We’re here to help. That’s what FACTORY-DIRECT means.

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Big-box and online retailers are paying far less than you for the very same frames. It’s time to leave the confines of the “wholesale-only” frame purchasing system to reap the tremendous benefits of buying FACTORY-DIRECT. It’s time to take advantage of Your Brand Eyewear’s exclusive profit boosting private-branding opportunities now available to all independent eye care practitioners.

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