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Isn’t it time you had Your Brand Eyewear?

Thursday 3/26/2020

CONTACT: Mark Graham, Chief Creative Officer, Your Brand Eyewear, LLC

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Your Brand Eyewear, the industry’s newest private-label frame manufacturer, announces its FDP (Factory-Direct-Purchasing) program which has been created exclusively for independent eye care professionals.

Your Brand Eyewear was started in October 2018 by Mark Graham, an industry veteran with extensive experience as a frame designer, optical marketing and branding expert, and serial entrepreneur. Mark was formerly the Director of Marketing and Product Development for Japan’s largest frame manufacturer and has worked extensively with frame factories throughout Japan, China, France, and Italy. He still holds numerous global patents for advanced frame designs.

After seeing the dramatic changes in the delivery of eyeglasses to the consumer, which puts the independent practitioner at a disadvantage over big-box and online retailers, Graham set out to build a unique manufacturing system that revolutionizes frame distribution. On a sign hanging above his desk, “The Shortest Distance Between Two Points is a Straight Line” is emblazoned in the company’s bright green colors and is the driving force behind Your Brand Eyewear’s business model. This factory-direct distribution network greatly reduces the cost for premium quality frames which can be private branded for independent practitioners.

“Twenty years ago, it became apparent to me that independent ECPs (Eye
Care Professionals) were being exploited as they were forced to buy all of their frame inventory from costly wholesale suppliers. These frames were branded by fashion designers and were manufactured
and sold by the ECP’s biggest competitors. Unfortunately, a factory-direct, private-label frame solution was costly and required large minimum-order quantities. This, along with the long lead times, was not a viable option for most independent eye care professionals.”

It was at this point that he developed a manufacturing system that would reduce the large minimum-order quantities, drastically cut the long lead-times, and make private-branded frames available for all independent eye care professionals. The one missing component was a factory willing to collaborate under Graham’s atypical system.

Having worked for years with frame manufacturers around the world, Graham pitched his business model to several factories. Only one would agree to his unique system of production. ”Frame factories don’t manufacture frames for the fun of it. They manufacture in bulk what is already sold and branded to wholesalers or large retailers,” he states. A partnership ensued with the factory willing to test his unbranded production system. A collection of classic designs was produced with each frame left unbranded and stocked in the factory warehouse waiting to be privately branded for independent ECPs throughout North America.

By allowing ECPs to reduce their dependence on traditional frame wholesalers and purchase their frames directly from the factory,Your Brand Eyewear provides premium quality frames to the independent eye care professional at price points that are significantly lower than those charged by traditional wholesale suppliers. Using Grade A Italian acetate and German and Japanese components, Your Brand Eyewear’s frames are premium quality eyeglass frames that are sold in many of the best retailers across America as private branded frames.

See what some of our clients are saying about us:

It’s time independent optometrists realize their potential and stop relying on old methods to grow a modern business. The quality of this product surpassed my expectations. Delivery was faster than my traditional frame companies. I can’t believe how easy this was to do…we now have our own brand.

Adam Palo, O.D., Optometrist, Raleigh, NC (multiple locations)

They were great to work with and provided us with the tools we needed to successfully launch our new line. Our patients have been impressed with the quality of the frames and range of styles. I definitely recommend Your Brand Eyewear if you’re looking for ways to build your own brand and increase your profit margins.

Kara Pulfus, O.D., Otometrist, Pinegree Grove, IL

They are exactly what I was looking for to differentiate our office from the big box retailers. Mark custom designed our logo and sent us a prototype. The turn around time is super quick and we were really happy with the quality of the product we received. The overall process was very easy and we’ve had great service. I would highly recommend to any doctors looking to create their own unique frame brand.

Julie Lam, O.D., Optometrist, Cave Creek, AZ

The quality was as good as the premium brands I carry, and the styling was spot-on for quick turns. The YB system is so efficient that I wonder why any ECP wouldn’t want to have their own premium quality private-branded frames for their business. You’ll be shocked at how reasonable the prices are.

Brett Mills, O.D., Optometrist, Bentonville, AR

In June 2019, Mark took on a strategic business partners, Jack McDougall O.D., a retired optometrist who owned several successful practices throughout the Midwest. Jack brought decades of optical and eyecare experience to help scale up the business. Sales and marketing, as well as word of mouth, have improved awareness of the company which has seen increased demand for their products. The benefits to independent ECPs are numerous and include higher profit margins, creating product exclusivity, helps fill price gaps and can’t be shopped at the competition or online. Most importantly, it provides another, undoubtedly better, option for many independent Eye Care Professionals.