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Doctors Optical Labs
Bermuda RAi Info


• How do I open an account with Doctors Optical Labs?

Doctors Optical Labs does business with qualified, independent optical practices and an account can be opened by filling out the Account Application, available in PDF format at the Account Application link under the Doctors Resources menu item, and faxing to 702-463-6369. We do not do business with end users.

• Do I have to take the acrylic display?

No. The display is your option and we understand that some ECPs don’t have the space for a display or simply don’t use them. Bermuda RAi sunglasses come with beautiful packaging and we have found that properly placed with the packaging and acrylic plaque is a great way to merchandise premium sunglasses.

• Can we dispense prescription ChromaBoost lenses in frames other than Bermuda RAi?

Yes. Our ChromaBoost lenses are available to Rx into any frame your patient chooses.

• What geographic area do you service?

We have capabilities to ship seamlessly to any optical practice in the United States.

• What is the average turn-time for a job from submitting my order to delivery to my office?

The average turn around time with Doctors Optical Labs branded product (EyeFOCAL and ActiveAR’s) is 3-5 business days, from the time our lab receives the frame (or Order Confirmation, for Uncuts) to delivery to your office.

• How can I check the status of my job process?

On our LabLink Portal we update our Job Status tab in real time every 5 minutes! The most accurate, up to date information that Doctors Optical Labs can see is at your fingertips.

• How can I make payments on monthly statements?

We accept checks and credit card payments.